High original characteristic grain deep processing R & D innovation base construction project
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The project united the cereal processing research institutes inside and outside the province through industry-university-research cooperation,A research and development and innovation base for deep processing of plateau characteristic cereals has been initially established,The food sensory evaluation service system was established for the first time in the province,The analysis and evaluation of food taste senses were realized.For the first time, the expert database of plateau characteristic grain processing was established.For the first time in Qinghai province, the sensory index analysis technology training of plateau characteristic grain deep processing products was carried out,Training of technical innovation service personnel 39 people,At the same time, it serves 20 production and processing enterprises in the province,Held two matching meetings of industrial scientific and technological achievements;A set of refrigerated hulling and blanching equipment for fresh barley was developed,Five kinds of highland characteristic grain deep processing products were produced,Two scientific and technological achievements have been transformed into commodities,And has entered the market。

Through the implementation of the project,Effectively enhance our company's technological innovation ability, scientific and technological achievements output ability and foreign service ability,Increased their own revenue channels,At the same time, the base will play an important role in promoting the innovation ability of the plateau grain industry in our province, the comprehensive utilization of resources, the transformation demonstration of scientific and technological achievements, and the economic correlation effect in the future。