Expand the scope of application!The new dairy product standard changes the main raw material "cow milk (or) goat milk" to "raw milk"
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Source: China Food News

The National Health Commission and the State Administration for Market Regulation recently issued a new standard on dairy products。

Recently, the National Health Commission and the State Administration for Market Regulation issued 85 national food safety standards and three amendments。The new standard will be implemented from September 6 next year。其中,The National Food Safety Standard Good Production Practice for Dairy Products (GB 12693-2023) has revised the 2010 version of the standard,The basic requirements and management criteria for the sites, facilities and personnel of raw material procurement, processing, packaging, storage and transportation in the dairy production process are specified。


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The newly revised Good production practice standard for dairy products is based on the General Hygiene Code for Food Production of the National Food Safety Standard (GB 14881-2013).,Modified the standard framework,Includes 14 chapters, Appendix A and Appendix B,The general requirements of each chapter refer to the provisions of the relevant chapters in GB 14881-2013,Only special requirements are supplemented,Easy for enterprises to implement。Compared with the 2010 version of the standard, the new standard deletes the terms and definitions of "clean operating area", "quasi-clean operating area" and "general operating area"。In the chapter of the workshop and workshop, it is clearly stipulated that the workshop and workshop should be divided into general operation area, quasi-clean operation area and clean operation area according to the requirements of product characteristics, production process and production process, and the scope of the workshop covered is specified。The new standard content requires more detailed and concise, in line with the needs of the development of the industry。

At present, there are many kinds of raw milk on the market, in addition to cow's milk, goat's milk, but also include characteristic milk, such as camel's milk, buffalo milk, donkey's milk and so on。In order to adapt to the development of the industry, the new standard will change the main raw material of dairy products "cow milk (or) goat milk" to "raw milk", expand the scope of application of the standard, and at the same time link up with the national standard of dairy food safety that is being revised。



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In terms of raw milk supply, the new standard takes into account the development and regulatory status of China's dairy industry, requiring enterprises to build their own raw milk purchasing stations or pastures should comply with the relevant national and local regulations, the whole process of raw milk quality and safety unified management, strengthen the construction of milk source base。

In terms of raw milk transportation and storage, the new standard increases the storage temperature control requirements of raw milk after entering the factory, pointing out that there are no special requirements, the storage temperature does not exceed 7 degrees Celsius, while refining the cleaning requirements of storage containers。

Sterilization process is the basic general process of dairy production, mainly including pasteurization, ultra-high temperature sterilization and other mature sterilization process。However, the use of equipment to carry out sterilization effectiveness assessment, records and other aspects of different factories, it is necessary to clearly specify the basic requirements of sterilization equipment。To this end, the new standard increases the technical requirements and maintenance requirements of various types of sterilization equipment。

The application of enterprise automated warehouse is more and more extensive, and the application scenario is increasing, so the new standard increases the requirements of automated warehouse system reliability control technical measures。

In terms of health management, the health management requirements for mobile facilities are increased, and mobile equipment and appliances that have been cleaned and disinfected are required to have a special place to ensure that their food contact surfaces are not contaminated。

The microbiological monitoring of dairy products processing covers the microbiological assessment of each link of the processing process, the cleaning and disinfection effect and the evaluation of microbial control effect。The new standard adds guidelines for microbial monitoring procedures in the production and processing of dairy products, clarifies what enterprises should consider when developing monitoring procedures, and lists examples of microbial monitoring in the processing of pasteurized milk, subsequent non-pasteurized fermented milk, milk powder, and recycled cheese。

In terms of air cleanliness requirements in the production area, the new standard refines the requirements for the number of settling bacteria in the clean operation area, and gives the required values, detection methods and time of different products in the clean operation area。

The current standard regulations for refrigeration, freezing temperature and there is no uniform provisions, in order to ensure that there are special storage, transportation temperature requirements of the product quality and quality safety, the new standard requires enterprises to clearly mark the product refrigeration, freezing temperature, and ensure that the entire storage and transportation cycle are in line with the relevant provisions。

The new standard requires that personnel in key positions such as sterilization operators, liquid product filling and sealing operators, cleaning and disinfection personnel should be trained in operational skills, develop training plans and ensure effective implementation。

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