Zhong Jiyan: Anti-corruption is the most thorough self-revolution
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Source: Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervisory Commission website

The people hate corruption the most, and the fight against corruption is a major political battle that they cannot afford to lose and must not lose。The report to the Party's 20th National Congress summarized in depth the major achievements made in the unprecedented ten-year anti-corruption campaign in the new era,An in-depth analysis of the new situation and tasks facing Party management and governance,A mobilization order was issued to resolutely win the persistent war against corruption,In order to unswervingly and strictly govern the Party on the new journey of the new era,Deepening the fight against corruption points out the way forward and provides important guidelines。

Combating corruption and building a clean politics has always been a major political task of the Party's self-revolution  

Corruption is the biggest cancer that threatens the Party's vitality and combat effectiveness. Combating corruption and promoting political integrity is a clear-cut and consistent political stance of our Party, and a major political task that the Party must undertake in the long run in its self-revolution。In all historical periods, our Party has always adhered to strict management and self-governance, persevered in fighting against negative corruption, and constantly improved its capacity for self-purification, self-improvement, self-renewal, and self-improvement, so as to ensure that the Party will always maintain its vigorous vitality and strong combat effectiveness。  

In the period of the new Democratic revolution, faced with the harsh war environment and struggle situation, our Party attached great importance to preventing defection from the Party, corruption and corruption, and maintained advanced purity through thorough self-revolution。One of the party's main programs explicitly states that party members "must sever all ties with parties and groups that attempt to oppose the program of the Party."。The second Party Constitution sets up a special chapter on discipline, emphasizing political discipline and organizational discipline。As early as the Anyuan workers' movement, it organized and carried out the practice of centralized rectification of work style and opposition to corruption, and zero tolerance for embezzlement and embezzlement of public funds。In 1926, the Central Committee issued the first document in the history of the Party to punish corruption - a circular on resolutely cleaning up corrupt elements。In 1933, the Soviet Republic of China issued an instruction on Punishing Corruption and Waste, which clarified the sentencing standards for corruption and waste, and punished a number of corrupt elements such as Xie Busheng and Xiong Xianbi。In 1941, the Administrative Program of the Shaangan-Ningxia Border Region proposed "to enforce clean politics", making it clear that "Communist Party members who break the law should be severely punished", and the border region severely punished Huang Kegong, Xiao Yubi and other violators of the law and discipline, corruption and corruption, ensuring the integrity of Party members and cadres。During this period, through self-revolution, the Party, on the one hand, "consolidated the Party's organization and tightened the Party's ranks", and on the other hand, resolutely eliminated the corrupt elements of the new democratic revolution, not only won the great victory of the new Democratic Revolution, but also laid a clean foundation for the Party to govern nationwide and consolidated its political foundation。  

社会主义革命和建设时期,以毛泽东同志为主要代表的中国共产党人,提出执政条件下党的建设的重大课题,严防党员干部腐化变质、脱离群众。In 1949, the Common Program of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference clearly stipulated that "all state organs of the People's Republic of China must practice a clean, simple and revolutionary work style that serves the people, severely punish corruption and prohibit waste.。In 1952, the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Punishing Corruption" was promulgated and implemented, becoming the first systematic anti-graft legal norm in New China。In the "three anti-crimes" campaign, the corruption cases of Liu Qingshan and Zhang Zishan were seriously investigated, the majority of Party members and cadres were educated, and the image of the Communist Party as a mountain of law enforcement was established in the minds of the people。During this period, the Party closely relied on the masses and, using the effective means of self-revolution of Party rectification, "made universally recognized achievements in sweeping away the mud and muddy waters of the old society and maintaining the integrity of Party and state organs."。  A new era of reform and opening up and socialist modernization,Facing the new situation of opening to the outside world and invigorating the inside,以邓小平同志为主要代表的中国共产党人,It is soberly aware that under the historical conditions of reform and opening up, especially the transformation of economic system, there may be a serious situation in which corruption is prone to frequent occurrence,Put forward "strict governance of the Party" and a series of "two-hand" policies,The anti-corrosion in the construction and reform,We will push the Party's self-revolution onto the track of institutionalization and legalization。After the Fourth Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Central Committee,以江泽民同志为主要代表的中国共产党人,To govern the country, we must govern the Party first and strictly,To elevate anti-corruption to the level of "a serious political struggle concerning the life and death of the Party and the country.,A preliminary exploration under the conditions of developing a socialist market economy,Focus on economic development,We will integrate anti-corruption efforts with reform, development and stability,We should rely on the Party's own strength and the participation of the people,Ways to effectively fight against corruption。After the 16th Party Congress,以胡锦涛同志为主要代表的中国共产党人,Face the "Four Tests" and the "Four Dangers",The basic task of Party building is to fight corruption and advocate integrity together with ideological, organizational, work style and system construction,We will explore and practice the path of anti-corruption with Chinese characteristics to prevent and control corruption at its source,It has effectively answered the two historic issues of improving the Party's leadership and governance level, and improving the ability to resist corruption and change and resist risks。  

Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era,以习近平同志为核心的党中央坚持打铁必须自身硬,Focus on the "two overall interests",The "Four greats",Face the prominent contradictions and problems that affect the Party's long-term governance, the country's long-term peace and stability, and the people's happiness and well-being,Creatively put forward the major proposition of the Party's self-revolution,Comprehensively and strictly governing the Party has been included in the four-pronged comprehensive strategy,We will raise the fight against corruption to a new height of the most thorough self-revolution,With the mission of "offending hundreds of people and delivering on 1.4 billion", it takes on the task of eliminating diseases and disorder,Dare not rot, can not rot, do not want to rot together,"Tiger", "fly" and "fox hunting" multi-pronged,We worked for an overwhelming victory and comprehensive consolidation in the fight against corruption,We have won the historic initiative of maintaining flesh-and-blood ties with the people and their heartfelt support,We have won the historic initiative of the whole Party to be highly united and unified, to be at the forefront of The Times, and to lead the people in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。  

习近平总书记亲自领导、亲自谋划、亲自推动新时代史无前例的反腐败斗争,Put forward a series of new ideas, new ideas and new strategies,Emphasize that corruption is the easiest problem to overthrow the regime,Is the biggest threat to the party's long-term rule,The banner of the Party against corruption must be made clear,Let the corrupt have no hiding place in the party;The greatest politics is to emphasize public sentiment,Justice is the strongest force,We must adhere to the right style of discipline and anti-corruption to consolidate the Party, the army and the people,Strengthen the party's political foundation for governance;He stressed that the fight against corruption should first be viewed from a political perspective,Political corruption is the biggest corruption,We must seriously investigate and punish corruption that hinders the implementation of the Party's theories, lines, principles and policies and seriously undermines the foundation of the Party's governance,We will resolutely eliminate those who are double-faced and disloyal to the Party, and corrupt elements who do not restrain themselves and do not give up,We will promptly remove potential political problems within the party,Resolutely prevent the formation of interest groups within the Party;The basic policy of the fight against corruption is to emphasize that we should not dare, cannot and do not want to be corrupt,It is an important strategy for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party in the new era,Not daring to corrupt, not being able to corrupt, and not wanting to corrupt are interdependent and mutually reinforcing,"Dare not" is the premise,"Can't" is the key,"Don't want to" is fundamental,The overall effect must be enhanced;It emphasizes adherence to no-restricted areas, full coverage and zero tolerance,We will continue to focus on deterrence, strong pressure, and long-term deterrence,Insist on taking bribes together,We will investigate every case and punish every corruption,Maintain the strong force to oppose and punish corruption at all times;Emphasis was placed on improving the Party and state oversight systems,We will strengthen checks and oversight over the exercise of power,We will strengthen discipline, fight corruption, deepen reform, improve systems, and promote governance,Fasten the cage that cannot rot;We must adhere to the Party's nature and purpose and strengthen our ideals and beliefs,Enhance party consciousness,Cultivate a culture of integrity,Improve the ideological consciousness of not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind;Emphasize systematic treatment, both symptoms and root causes,Punishing shock and awe, system restraint and raising consciousness work in the same direction,We will continue to strengthen the Party's ability to purify, improve, innovate and improve itself。  

Ten years to sharpen a sword, a hundred years to open a new game。Through unremitting efforts,Our Party has found a second answer to the historical periodicity of the rise and fall of chaos: self-revolution,The thunderbolt of the anti-corruption campaign has put a stop to some long-stalled evil practices,We have rectified stubborn problems that have persisted for many years,We have removed serious hidden dangers within the Party, the state and the army,It has prevented the party from deteriorating and fading due to the spread of corruption, the "four winds", and the rampant privilege,It has prevented the Party from being infiltrated and interfered with by interest groups and powerful groups,It has prevented the Party from losing its direction and becoming slack and stagnant in increasingly complex struggles,We have successfully embarked on a path of anti-corruption that relies on political, institutional and legal advantages,It opened up a new realm of self-revolution of the big party in the century,It has written a new chapter in the history of mankind's fight against corruption。  

Review the course of the Party's century-long struggle,Although the objective environment of the party in different historical periods is different,Different historical tasks,However, we have never wavered in our firm belief in Marxism and in communism and socialism,The original mission of seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation has never changed,Combating corruption and building a clean politics has always been a major political task of the Party's self-revolution,It is also an inevitable requirement for the Party to keep up with the pace of The Times and always maintain its advanced nature and purity。Practice has proved eloquently that the Communist Party of China can lead the people to carry out a great social revolution, and it can also carry out a great self-revolution。As long as we do not forget our original mission, have the courage to carry out self-revolution, unswervingly oppose and punish corruption, and continue to eliminate all harmful factors that undermine the Party's advanced nature and purity, and continue to eliminate all pathogens that erode the Party's health, we will surely ensure that the Party will never deteriorate, change color, or change its taste。  

The fight against corruption has won an overwhelming victory and been comprehensively consolidated  

习近平总书记在党的二十大报告中全面总结了新时代十年的伟大变革,We spoke highly of the work to improve Party conduct, clean government and fight corruption,"The fight against corruption has been overwhelmingly won and comprehensively consolidated,It has eliminated serious hidden dangers within the Party, the state and the army,To ensure that the power entrusted by the Party and the people is always used for the well-being of the people."。The fight against corruption, as a key battle in comprehensively and strictly governing the Party in the new era, has been advancing in depth,From "Corruption and anti-corruption are in a stalemate" to "an overwhelming trend in the fight against corruption is taking shape" "an overwhelming trend has been formed" "an overwhelming trend has been formed and consolidated",To "winning a landslide.",Until now, the "landslide victory and comprehensive consolidation",In general, the shock of maintaining zero tolerance has gone into effect,There will be corruption, there will be corruption, and find a normal stage of investigation and punishment together,Formed a virtuous circle of punishing evil and promoting good, correcting and treating simultaneously。  

The overwhelming victory and comprehensive consolidation of the fight against corruption is a scientific judgment made by the CPC Central Committee on the basis of a deep understanding and analysis of the laws of the fight against corruption, and a landmark achievement in comprehensively and strictly governing the Party in the new era。  

First, it has declared the CPC's consistent political stance that it does not tolerate corruption。The determination of the leaders and the leading groups is the fundamental political guarantee for the victory of anti-corruption。Since the 18th National Congress of the Party,以习近平同志为核心的党中央以“宜将剩勇追穷寇,Not to sell the outstanding students Wang "struggle spirit and" smooth bumpy road.,Fight against the difficulties and start again "perseverance anti-corruption punishment,It sends a political signal that our party has zero tolerance for corruption,It has become an important vane and anchor for the overwhelming victory and comprehensive consolidation of the fight against corruption。For a time,In some regions and departments, Party leadership is weakened and party building is lacking,Some party members and cadres do not speak politics, do not abide by the rules and other prominent problems,The CPC Central Committee regards political construction as the fundamental construction of the CPC,An important political achievement of "two establishment" has been achieved,The supreme principle of upholding the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee has been established,The tree solidifies the political quality of loyalty of Party members and cadres to the Party;The fight against corruption should first be viewed politically,Focus on the "Seven Things",Strictly enforce the Party's political discipline and rules,Resolutely eliminate double-faced people who are not loyal or honest to the Party,Prevent the formation of interest groups within the party,It has eliminated major political hidden dangers within the Party and the country。After a decade of revolutionary forging in the new era,The Party's "four consciousnesses" have become more solid,The "Four self-confidence" is even more firm,"Two maintenance" is more resolute,With more than 98 million members, our Marxist party is more united and united,Stronger and more powerful,More energetic,Become the most reliable and strong backbone of the Chinese people。  

The second is to build a pattern of anti-corruption work under the unified leadership of the Party。Since the 18th National Congress of the Party,以习近平同志为核心的党中央坚持反腐败靠全党、管全党、治全党,The main responsibility and supervision responsibility have always been followed through,We have established an anti-corruption system and mechanism featuring centralized and unified leadership by the CPC Central Committee, overall command by Party committees at all levels, organization and coordination by discipline supervision commissions, efficient coordination by functional departments, and public participation and support。Disciplinary supervision, supervisory supervision, dispatched supervision and inspection supervision "four full coverage" power supervision pattern has been formed。National supervisory commissions and local supervisory commissions at all levels have been set up to fully cover all public officials exercising public power。The reform of accredited institutions has been deepened, and the authority of "dispatching" and the advantages of "resident" have been further developed。Inspection, as a strategic institutional arrangement to strengthen intra-party supervision, has become a weapon of the state and the Party。Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the coordination between discipline inspection and supervision organs and judicial organs has become more mature, forming a strong anti-corruption force。 

The third is to establish the policy of "three no rot" in one。Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the Party Central Committee has had a profound insight into the changes in the "time" and "potential" of the anti-corruption struggle, adhered to the systematic treatment, the management of the Party and the management of the Party, started from the treatment of the symptoms, the treatment of the root cause in the treatment of the symptoms, and built a system and mechanism that dare not corrupt, can not corrupt, and do not want to promote the integration of corruption。Promoting corruption in a unified manner is not only a basic policy for fighting corruption, but also an important strategy for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party in the new era. It is also a major innovation in the theory and practice of governing the Party in the new era。In practice,We adhere to the concept of systems,In promoting Dare not Rot,Focus on finding problem clues from the system mechanism and system loopholes, and put forward discipline inspection and supervision suggestions,Transform the object of examination with the education of ideals, beliefs and Party policies;In promoting "incorruptible",Focus on promoting the improvement of relevant intra-party regulations and national laws,Improve the pertinence of system construction and supervision;In promoting Don't want to rot,Pay attention to the role of deterrence of not daring to corrupt and restraint of not corrupting,Make the "three no rot" promote each other, organic integration, one through。  

Fourth, we have strengthened the people's confidence, trust and trust in the Party。When it comes to fighting corruption, Chinese Communists have always been unconvinced, unafraid of ghosts, and unafraid of pressure.The Party Central Committee takes the people's satisfaction as the highest standard in the fight against corruption, resolutely increases punishment for major corruption cases, and resolutely shows its sword against corruption and style of work around the people。During the period from the 19th to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the discipline inspection and supervision organs investigated and dealt with suspected corruption and bribery crimes.More than 40,000 people, of which the first corruption occurred before the 18th National Congress of the Party accounted for 48%, the first corruption occurred after the 19th National Congress of the Party accounted for 11%, which shows that the problem of not convergence and not stopping has been effectively contained, reducing the stock to prevent the increase of effective。Discipline inspection and supervision organs across the country investigated and dealt with more than 650,000 cases of corruption and work style in education, medical care, pension and social security, law enforcement and judiciary.During the five years from the 19th to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in the special fight against crime and evil, the discipline inspection and supervision organs investigated and investigated corruption and "protection umbrella" problems related to crime and evil.30,000 cases, given party discipline and government sanctions 9.30,000 people, the people truly feel fairness and justice from the comprehensive strict governance of the Party。The National Bureau of Statistics 2022 survey shows that 97.Four percent of the people believe that the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party has been effective, 22 percent more than in 2012.4%。  

The overwhelming victory and comprehensive consolidation of the fight against corruption in the new era is a vivid proof of the continuous and comprehensive implementation of strict Party governance, in-depth efforts to improve Party conduct and clean government, and the fight against corruption. It has written a glorious page in the history of the Party, the history of New China, and the history of the development of the Chinese nation。We must have sufficient confidence in the determination of the CPC Central Committee in the fight against corruption, in the achievements of the fight against corruption, in the positive energy brought by the fight against corruption, and in the bright prospects of the fight against corruption。  

The situation determines the task, and also determines the policy and method of work。One is that "the situation is still grim and complex", which is an accurate grasp of the existing problems。"Overwhelming victory" and "still severe and complex" are interrelated and organically unified, which requires a dialectical grasp, thorough understanding, firm confidence and determination, and calm and sober。  

First, "overwhelming victory" and "still grim and complex" coexist simultaneously。On the whole, the current anti-corruption campaign has achieved overwhelming and remarkable results and accumulated important experience, but the overwhelming victory is not yet a complete victory. The battle between corruption and anti-corruption is still fierce, and the task of curbing the increase and eliminating the stock is still arduous。With the fight against corruption moving into the deep water zone, new corruption and hidden corruption patterns such as shadow companies, shadow shareholders, and revolving doors of government and business have been renovated, and have shown the characteristics of power realization and option, wind and rot interweaving。"Overwhelming victory" and "still severe and complex" coexist for a long time, unity of opposition, and the fight against corruption is endless, only ongoing, not complete。Party members and cadres face the corrosion test of "hunting", and many still stay at the level of "dare not", and there is still a long way to go to truly realize "can't" and "don't want to"。  

Second, "overwhelming victory" and "still grim and complex" are realistic and concrete。In recent years, all regions have coordinated the planning, deployment and implementation of economic and social development, Party conduct, clean government, and anti-corruption efforts, effectively ensuring the completion of the historical task of poverty alleviation and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects。However, it should also be noted that problems occur frequently in some areas where power is concentrated, capital is intensive, and resources are abundant. The political ecology in some places is still poor, and corruption of a sectoral, systemic, and regional nature is prominent。Some leading cadres take the lead in engaging in corruption,Use your power as willful capital,Even cause collapse mode corruption;Some administrative approval items still have problems such as opaque links, non-standard materials, and unreasonable fees.Some projects are easy to fail in key links such as project approval, bidding and acceptance,The task of eradicating the breeding ground for corruption remains daunting。  

Third, "overwhelming victory" and "still severe and complex" are the norm。Corruption takes various forms, has complex causes, and has different characteristics in different periods and stages. It cannot be solved in a day。At present, the principle of Commodity Exchange has eroded the life of the party, and there is still a certain market for negative culture such as "promotion and wealth" and "wife and shadow son"。Power restriction and supervision are not yet in place, objectively leaving room for some corrupt elements to take risks。Some young cadres are not firm in their ideals and beliefs, and their political concentration is not enough, "the first foot has just set foot on the official career, and the back foot has gone astray."。The struggle between corrosion and anti-corrosion has been tested for a long time, and the coexistence of "overwhelming victory" and "still severe and complex" is a long-term process. Anti-corruption must adhere to the discovery, governance, re-discovery and re-governance, and adhere to the tenacity and perseverance on the road forever。

We will resolutely win a protracted battle against corruption  

The Party's self-revolution is always on the way, and the fight against corruption has no end in itself。The report of the Party's 20th National Congress clearly declared: "As long as there are soil and conditions for the generation of corruption problems, the fight against corruption cannot stop for a moment, and must always blow the whistle.。"On a new journey,We must unify our thinking and action with the decisions made at the Party's 20 National Congresses,We have taken the initiative to respond to new situations and challenges in the fight against corruption,More effective containment of increment,More efficient inventory removal,Continue to consolidate hard-won overwhelming victories,Improve the ability and level of integrated promotion that does not dare to rot, cannot rot, and does not want to rot,The party never deteriorates to ensure that the red river never changes color。  

We will strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee over anti-corruption work and fight an overall war。To further promote the Party's self-revolution in the new era and on the new journey, we must adhere to strengthening the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee on anti-corruption work, and ensure that the Party Central Committee firmly holds the leadership and initiative of enforcing discipline and anti-corruption。It is necessary to improve the work system and responsibility system for the Party to lead the fight against corruption, consolidate the main responsibility of Party committees (Party groups) at all levels to comprehensively strictly govern the Party and build a clean and honest Party, especially the responsibility of the first person in charge, urge functional departments to carry out their supervision responsibilities, and improve the unified and coordinated pattern of Party management and governance。We must give full play to the role of the anti-corruption leading (coordinating) group of Party committees,We will promote coordination between the fight against corruption and the Party's political, ideological, organizational, work style, discipline, and institutional development,We will further exert the important role of political supervision, ideological education, organizational management, work style improvement, discipline enforcement, and institutional improvement in preventing and controlling corruption,We will turn the political, organizational, and institutional advantages of the Party's leadership into winning advantages in the fight against corruption。  

Adhere to not dare to rot, can not rot, do not want to rot in one, at the same time force, the same direction force, comprehensive force。Anti-corruption is a systematic project, which must be addressed both the symptoms and root causes。Keep the pressure on not rotting,We always maintain zero tolerance and deterrence, and the high-pressure punishment force is always there,Examine key issues closely,We will resolutely crack down on corruption where political and economic problems are intertwined,We will resolutely prevent leading officials from becoming spokespersons or agents of interest groups and powerful organizations,We will resolutely prevent political and business connections and the infiltration of capital into the political sphere from undermining the political ecology and the environment for economic development.Highlight key areas,We will further crack down on corruption in areas where power is concentrated, capital is intensive, and resources are abundant, such as finance, state-owned enterprises, and politics and law, and in industries such as grain purchasing and marketing,Resolutely correct the problems of "revolving door" and "runaway resignation" in government and business,We will resolutely clean up industrial, systemic and regional corruption that carries great risks and hidden dangers.Keep your eyes on the prize,Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, those who do not converge, do not stop, and take bold actions as the top priority,We will seriously investigate and punish the spouses, children, spouses and other relatives of leading officials and staff members who use their influence for personal gain and corruption。We will resolutely investigate and punish new types of corruption and hidden corruption, and improve our ability to detect and effectively deal with corruption problems in a timely manner。We will resolutely crack down on all kinds of corruption that harm the interests of the people, seriously punish the "fly corruption" around the people, and actively carry out special rectification of improper practices and corruption in the field of rural revitalization。It is necessary to deepen and expand efforts to prevent corruption, move ahead with anti-corruption efforts, deepen governance at the source, strengthen reform and institutional development of oversight mechanisms in key areas, reduce undue interference by power in microeconomic activities, and improve institutions and mechanisms for preventing and controlling the breeding and spreading of corruption。We will investigate bribery and bribery at the same time, increase punishment for bribery, further improve the laws and regulations punishing bribery, and improve the joint punishment mechanism for bribe-givers。It is necessary to consolidate and improve on not wanting to corrupt, pay more attention to the original clean source, consolidate the foundation and cultivate the yuan, strengthen the construction of a clean culture in the new era, establish a good family style, create and carry forward a good fashion advocating integrity and resisting corruption, and build a clean social ecology。Adhere to the "full-cycle management", so that severe punishment, regulation of power, education and guidance are closely integrated and coordinated, and continue to achieve more institutional results and greater governance effectiveness。  

We will deepen international cooperation against corruption and establish a mechanism for tracing fugitives, preventing fugitives and recovering assets。At present, the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, and the world has entered a new period of turbulence and change。The fight against corruption must better coordinate the international and domestic battlefields, take the initiative to strengthen international cooperation against corruption under the multilateral framework, make far-reaching arrangements and active actions in the game of global anti-corruption rules, strengthen the will to fight and enhance the ability to fight。It is necessary to maintain the high-pressure situation of chasing fugitions and recovering stolen goods, insisting that there are fugitions must be chased and pursued to the end, so that those who have fled have nowhere to hide, and those who attempt to flee lose their illusions。It is necessary to continue to carry out the "Sky Net operation", strengthen the crackdown and punishment of corruption-related money laundering, and pursue the stolen money from overseas。It is necessary to deepen the integrity of the Belt and Road Initiative, improve the coordination mechanism for cross-border corruption governance, improve the supporting mechanism for the extraterritorial application of relevant Chinese laws, and accelerate the formation of a system of anti-corruption laws and regulations involving foreign interests。It is necessary to strengthen international dissemination of anti-corruption, use relevant international platforms to tell the story of comprehensive and strict Party governance in the new era, and translate successful anti-corruption experience and vivid practice into the voice and influence of international anti-corruption governance。  We will unswervingly follow the road of anti-corruption with Chinese characteristics and carry out the fight against corruption to the end。The road to anti-corruption with Chinese characteristics is a strategic achievement of the Party's unremitting struggle against corruption over the past century, and the only way to continue to win the historical initiative with the most thorough self-revolution on the new journey of the new era。要坚定不移用习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想统领反腐败工作,A deep understanding of the decisive significance of "two establishment",More consciously enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", and achieve "two maintenance",We will resolutely implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee,Ensure that the fight against corruption is always moving in the right direction。We should pay more attention to punishing corruption by relying on our institutional strengths and the rule of law, strengthen national legislation against corruption, strengthen the system of combating corruption and promoting integrity, and make the Party and state supervision systems and anti-corruption mechanisms more mature and established。Adhere to the principle of innovation, deepen the understanding of the construction of Party conduct, clean government and anti-corruption under the new situation, strengthen forward-looking thinking, overall planning, strategic layout, and overall promotion, and through unremitting efforts to achieve a clean and clear Haiyan River。(Zhong Jiyan)

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