We will continue to consolidate and develop a sound political environment that is clean and upright
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Source: Qinghai News Network 

9On October 20, the provincial management cadres warning education Conference was held in Xining。The meeting uses the case as a warning, a case as a discipline, and a case as a statement, and uses negative examples to carry out warning education, give the leading cadres an immunization, ring the warning bell, and take the course of clean government, so that the party members and cadres know the fear, fear, and keep the bottom line, which plays an important role in continuing to create a good political ecology of clean air and business。

  Since this year,Our province has held 6 leading cadres to promote reform special rectification and the province's style of outstanding problems special rectification mobilization and deployment meeting,The fourth plenary session of the 14th session of the Provincial Party Committee clearly proposed to continue to strengthen the construction of style,Educate the people around you with the things around you,Launched the style of construction of the battle,Inspired the spirit of doing business,Progress has been made in the province's work style construction,The atmosphere of advocating hard work and taking responsibility is also getting stronger and stronger。However, we should be soberly aware that the reduction of disciplinary violations does not mean that they have disappeared, and the stubborn problems in the style of miasma will rebound if they are not continuously corrected。It is necessary to clear the vague understanding of thought,With a high degree of vigilance, we will further deepen and expand comprehensive and strict governance of the Party,Go down to the base,Use the "Key minority" to promote the "vast Majority",Build a strong ideological defense line against corruption and change,Further enhance the province's majority of party members and cadres to abide by the law and the ability to consciously resist various temptations,Strengthen the concept of building the Party for the public and governing for the people,To provide a strong discipline guarantee for the construction of a new modern Qinghai。

  Through the analysis of some cases of violations of discipline and law investigated and dealt with, it is not difficult to see that corrupt party members and cadres on the road of violations of discipline and law, although the specific incentives are different, but the root cause is because the ideal and belief have been shaken, and then the mud foot deep, unable to extricate themselves。This tells us that comprehensive strict governance of the Party is always on the way, the Party's self-revolution is always on the way, comprehensive strict governance of the Party must be advanced in depth, there must be no stagnation, there must be no alarm bells ringing to resist corruption and prevent change, there must be no relaxation, and the right style and discipline must be intensified, and there must be no softness。It is necessary to strictly implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the central Committee, consistently grasp the construction of the style of work, with a zero-tolerance attitude, dig deep and investigate deep-rooted problems, both the corruption behind the case and the malfeasance of the relevant leaders。From a political point of view, from the style of investigation, adhere to the combination of points, lines and surfaces, identify the root causes and crux of corruption, adhere to the wind and corruption with the same treatment, bribery and bribery together, not only investigate the improper wind and the corruption behind it, but also dig deep and investigate the "four winds" problem in corruption cases, and resolutely eradicate the breeding soil of corruption。

  Honesty is the foundation of governance。Using cases to promote reform is not "a gust of wind", punishing corruption is not "settling cases", and building strong DAMS is not "curing corruption".。Leading cadres at all levels must put themselves in it,Put the responsibilities into it,Put your work in there,Strict self-discipline, strict responsibility, strict management of the administration,Always alert yourself, control yourself, regulate yourself,Consciously purify the circle of life and friends,Tighten up on the little things,Be strict with yourself every little bit,Consciously be cautious,Prevent small problems from spreading。Secretaries of Party organizations at all levels shall be responsible for the political ecology of their respective regions and units,Responsible for the healthy growth of cadres,Dare to fight,Dare to be serious,Focus on managing key people, managing to key places, managing key matters, and managing at key times,People and things that violate rules and regulations,Must catch early catch small, outcrop hit, not give an inch,Prevent small problems from becoming big ones。

Reflection is to better move forward, warning is to better learn lessons。第二批学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育正在进行中,The majority of party members and cadres should closely adhere to the work requirements of "cadres should be dry, ideas should be clear, and self-discipline should be strict",Firmly twist the "ox nose" of style construction,We will further raise our political standing,Fully understand the extreme importance of strengthening the construction of style,Give full play to the role of warning education in deterring, alerting and enlightening,Make the alarm bells ringing,With the sobriety of always on the road, we will promote the development of comprehensive and strict Party governance in depth。

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