Take the case as a mirror | turn polluter into polluter
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Source: Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervisory Commission website

"After all, it is greed that has hurt himself。When you collect money, it feels small, but over time it becomes millions and millions......Is my stubbornness, made such a big mistake, I really regret, but there is no repentance medicine to sell。After being detained, Wang Guansheng, former Party group member and deputy director of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Guang 'an District, Guang 'an City, Sichuan Province, tossed and turned and could not sleep at night, and he knew that the bitter fruit of today is that he is burdened by his greed and the disaster of greed。

  Wang Guansheng was born into an ordinary family,He was drafted after high school,After transferring from the army to the former Environmental Protection Bureau of Guang 'an District,At that time, he worked hard and did not complain,By the organization and their own efforts,From an ordinary clerk to a leading cadre step by step,15 years in environmental systems,Is a "polluter" with a track record。

  However, such a "pollution control person" has been corrupted and corrupted by his desire for profit, used his power to seek personal gains, regarded the environmental protection field as "private land", "relying on environmental protection to eat environmental protection", and became a "pollution source" of the political ecology of the unit.。

  Deceive the public, a paper of approval to defraud special subsidies for environmental protection

  In March 2013, Wang Guansheng was appointed as the head of the environmental management unit, and with the increase of the power of the position, the businessman bosses he contacted gradually increased, and Mou Mou, a legal person of an organic fertilizer company, was one of them。Wang Guansheng also knew that these business owners contacted him mainly because of the power in their hands。

  In April of the same year, Mou Mou found Wang Guansheng to discuss the matter of becoming a shareholder together in the name of a new organic fertilizer project。After Wang Guansheng learned that the project was profitable, he began to plan a business that would make him rich。

  In the follow-up information processing process, because the organic fertilizer project is a construction project, industrial land procedures must be obtained。After learning that he could not obtain industrial land procedures, Mou went through the procedures for agricultural facilities in the name of a fictitious farm in an attempt to muddle through。

  Under the operation of Wang Guansheng, the project quickly passed the preliminary EIA review and acceptance, and the review meeting was organized。In the face of the rectification opinions of "supplementing and improving the land use procedures" put forward by the review meeting, Wang Guansheng took advantage of his position, ignored the rectification opinions, and deliberately removed the word "breeding" in the document when drafting the EIA approval document, resulting in the company successfully obtaining the EIA approval and successfully constructing the organic fertilizer project。

  In October 2013, Wang Guansheng arranged for his wife Xiong to buy into the company。Later, Wang Guansheng, a member of the Party group and chief engineer of the former Safety and Environmental Protection Bureau of Guangan District, helped the company successfully obtain 800,000 yuan in special subsidies for environmental protection in 2015, resulting in the loss of national special funds。Afterwards, Wang Guansheng divided 200,000 yuan according to the proportion of shares。

  Take a strong stance and work with businessmen to gain profits

  When asked about the first impression of Wang Guansheng, Lei, who contracted to implement the rural environment comprehensive renovation project in Huaqiao District, frankly said that he was very strong, resolute, and sometimes deliberately found fault。In the process of implementing the project, in order to avoid Wang Guansheng deliberately difficult, Lei gave him 10,000 yuan cash red envelopes in advance。After receiving the red envelope, Wang Guansheng tried to help coordinate the project。

  Wang Guansheng with tough means, in the project repeatedly profit。At a livestock pollution project design review meeting, he used the identity of a member of the party group and the chief engineer to propose surface problems that were not professional but must be rectified, so that the winning bidder of the project changed and changed in the design。"I just want to deliberately mess with them, let them have an opinion, and then take the initiative to come to me.。"Wang Guansheng said。

  It is the confrontation at the review meeting that let Wang Guansheng get acquainted with the Huang boss who undertook the project design, Huang boss was generous, and gave Wang Guansheng a big red envelope of 30,000 yuan at one time。One is good at hunting, one is willing to be hunted, one by one, Wang Guansheng and Huang boss gradually familiar。

  In September 2019, Wang Guansheng, then a member of the Party Group and deputy director, was responsible for the bidding and implementation of a sewage treatment facility construction project。In order to conceal the operation of the project to facilitate profit from it, Wang Guansheng led the whole process and controlled it secretly。He found Huang boss for the first time to negotiate, Huang boss readily agreed and invited Wang Guansheng stock to join, one half of the profit, two people cooperate with each other, secretly, successfully won and implemented the project。After that, Wang Guansheng shared the profit of 300,000 yuan。

  From the initial acceptance of hundreds or thousands of dollars to a single transaction of more than 10,000, and then to a single transaction of hundreds of thousands...As Wang Guansheng rose through the ranks, the amount of bribes he took grew like a snowball。Among them, only the boss surnamed Huang received a total of more than 400,000 yuan。

  Clinging on, going to the end of the road without knowing it

  Due to the long-term vacancy of the "first leader" post, Wang Guansheng, a member of the Party group and deputy director at the time, began to fully preside over the work of the Ecological Environment Bureau。He thought that this soar, deep in the "host" position can not extricate themselves, but wait for a long time to "turn", let Wang Guansheng become restless, and even to the leadership to power。When Wang Guansheng accepted the investigation, he actually said that he hoped to wait until he became the director of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision to investigate his problems, which also appeared decent。

  As everyone knows, as early as April 2021, the Discipline Inspection Commission has mastered the clues of his problems。Wang Guansheng also accepted a number of talks, but it avoided the serious and did not truthfully account for the problem。As the review and investigation work continues to deepen, the facts of Wang Guansheng's violation of discipline and law gradually surfaced, in front of powerful evidence, he finally lowered his head, and the dream of the director of the fantasy dissipated。

  Step by step, I thought that I could deceive the organization with my caution, but unexpectedly in the desire to pursue power and profit, I completely lost myself and embarked on a road against the organization。"In the 15 years of defending the blue sky and pure land, I have been defeated, and now I regret it.......Wang Guansheng wrote in his confession that he fought sunny days and rainy days on the environmental protection front, but he suffered irreparable consequences due to ideological decline and disorderly behavior midway。

  In February 2023, Wang Guansheng was expelled from the Party for seriously violating Party discipline, constituting serious duty violations and suspected of bribery and abuse of power.In March 2023, Wang Guansheng was dismissed from public office;His suspected crime was transferred to the procuratorial organ for examination and prosecution according to law, and the property involved was transferred together。(Zhou Zhenhua, Responsible editor of Guang 'an Discipline Inspection Commission, Sichuan Province)

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