Strengthen guidance and build a strong defense line
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Source: Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervisory Commission website

习近平总书记强调,年轻干部必须牢记清廉是福、贪欲是祸的道理,经常对照党的理论和路线方针政策、对照党章党规党纪、对照初心使命,看清一些事情该不该做、能不能干,时刻自重自省,严守纪法规矩。Discipline inspection and supervision organs should strengthen the education, management and supervision of young cadres, urge them to hold the defense line of resisting corruption and preventing change, and effectively shoulder the responsibilities and missions entrusted by the new journey of the new era。

  Hold the line of defense against corruption and change, the most important thing is to hold the heart。Young cadres are the hope for the development of the Party and the country。Born in a great era, a large number of young cadres take the initiative to act and actively contribute, but there are still a small number of young cadres who violate discipline and law。If you are afraid of something, you can stop talking and doing it。In the face of temptation and "hunting", young cadres do not have natural immunity, if there is no practice of internal skills, no firm ideals and beliefs, the lack of sufficient vigilance for violations of discipline and law, it is easy to fall into the abyss of violations of discipline and law step by step in the temptation。Discipline inspection and supervision organs should strictly strengthen education management and supervision from the truth, guide young cadres to be loyal and honest to the Party, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, frequently brush off "ideological dust", think more about "greed and harm", often break the "thief in the heart", always reflect on themselves, strictly observe the rules and regulations, and buckle the "first button" of clean politics.。

To hold the line of defense against corruption and change, we must set up defenses at various levels and set up defenses everywhere。Discipline inspection and supervision organs bear important responsibilities in strengthening the management and supervision of the education of young cadres。We must adhere to the combination of strict management and kindness,Both concerned about the growth of young cadres,Give more opportunities, build a platform, pressure the burden,We also insist on strict education, strict management and strict supervision,Focus on key links and strengthen daily supervision of key positions,We should promptly criticize and educate young cadres on their emerging tendencies and tendencies,We will seriously investigate and punish violations of discipline and law。We need to take concrete actions to promote reform, dig deep into the underlying reasons behind cases, identify prominent problems and weak links, and promote the filling of loopholes in systems and mechanisms。It is necessary to strengthen warning education, select typical cases of violations of discipline and law by young cadres, hold warning education conferences, shoot warning education films, etc., so that young cadres can be alert, guide them to establish a correct view of political achievements, and achieve a particularly clear mind and a particularly firm position in the face of big right and wrong, and on issues of political principles。(林雅)

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