The fresh-keeping of prefabricated vegetables is preferred by liquid nitrogen quick-freezing and fresh-locking technology
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Source: Zhibang Cloud

    Preservation technology is essential to ensure the quality, safety and taste of prefabricated dishes。Some well-known catering companies launched the prepared dishes, eat like just done out of the kitchen, by a large number of C-end users recognized and liked, the key to do this step is to use liquid nitrogen frozen fresh technology to ensure the freshness of the prepared dishes。How is liquid nitrogen frozen fresh?

    Liquid nitrogen is an ultra-low temperature refrigerant,Non-toxic and harmless,It does not have any chemical effects on food,Liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C,Vaporize after contact with food,Ultra-low temperature and high heat exchange,The temperature drops 7 ~ 15℃ per minute,It takes away heat faster,It can be frozen in 5 to 30 minutes,Reduce the food center temperature to -18℃,The freezing time is 30~40 times shorter than the general freezing method;More importantly,The liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology formed fine crystals uniformly distributed in the food tissue,The food structure is maintained to the maximum extent,Food quality is maintained,gersuo,That is, lock in fresh,Mainly reflected in,Thawed, heated and cooked food,Can maintain the original color, aroma, taste,Good taste,Taste foot。


    Liquid nitrogen freezing technology can lock fresh,The secret is that it can get the temperature beyond the ice layer temperature (-1 ~ -5℃) in the shortest time.,Thus reducing the loss of nutrients in the food: when the temperature drops rapidly,Water molecules inside and outside food cells form countless small crystals,It is evenly distributed throughout the food tissue,This form of water crystallization does not puncture food cell membranes,It can maintain the integrity of food microstructure,The loss of food cell fluid was minimal after thawing,To ensure the maximum degree of food reduction,Maintain the original taste, taste and nutrition of food。

    The biggest advantage of liquid nitrogen frozen fresh technology,It preserves the flavor and nutrients of the food,While keeping it fresh and delicious,Put the microbe in a dormant state,Causing some microorganisms to die at low temperature,Effectively ensure food safety;The prepared dishes treated with liquid nitrogen quick-freezing and fresh-locking technology are basically the same as the freshly cooked dishes,Good taste,Taste delicious,比如,Prepared braised meat with vegetables processed by liquid nitrogen quick-freezing and fresh-locking technology,After heating, the flavor can be restored to 99%,After reheating, the taste can be restored to more than 90%。


    Needless to say, prefabricated dish enterprises want to occupy the C-end market faster, it is necessary to practice the "basic skills of preservation" of dishes, and to do a good job of preservation of prefabricated dishes, Zhibang cloud suggests that the preferred liquid nitrogen quick-frozen lock fresh technology, which is the key to improve the quality of prefabricated dishes。


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