Help the construction of industry "four places" focus on rural revitalization and development
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    8On October 15, the Science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province, together with the Mutual assistance County No. 005 science and technology special Commissioner workstation, went to Nanmenxia Town but Zangsi village to carry out agricultural training and on-site consulting activities, a total of poverty alleviation households and large farmers and other more than 30 people participated in the training activities。

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    Jia Yanlei, associate researcher of our company, combined with the construction opportunity of green organic agricultural and livestock products export land in our province,The present situation and development trend of green organic farming and livestock industry were explained in detail for local farmers,It is suggested that Huzhu County has the advantages of supplying cold and cool vegetables with highland characteristics to Hong Kong,We should seize the opportunity to develop green and organic agricultural products,Increase the added value of agricultural products,Expand the market for agricultural products,Increase farm income,Boost rural revitalization。

    In recent years, our company has been focusing on the development and utilization of high-value agricultural and livestock resources with Qinghai characteristics, actively cooperating with experts and scientific research institutes inside and outside the province, providing technical training services for the vast number of agricultural and livestock product processing enterprises and breeding personnel in our province, and helping the high-quality development of the agricultural and livestock industry in our province。