The health function of quinoa is concerned, and deep processing is promising
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Source: Food machinery equipment network

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life and health, the pursuit of green natural products has become a trend。Quinoa is favored by consumers for its nutritional value and important health functions。

In recent years,Quinoa acreage and production are gradually increasing,While achieving large-scale planting,Companies are also tapping into the deep processing potential of quinoa,With the help of color sorting equipment, saponin removal equipment, curing equipment and other processing machinery to create a variety of deep processing products,Meet diverse market needs,At the same time, the quinoa industry chain was extended,Industrial development gained new impetus。


Quinoa, known as the "super grain" title, is originally from the Andes mountains of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and other high altitude mountains in South America, is the staple food of the Indian people。Because it is rich in vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids, saponins and plant sterols, it is recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as "the only food that can meet all the nutrients needed by human beings with a single crop."。Quinoa is now cultivated in Yunnan, Gansu, Qinghai, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Tibet, where it has become an important cash crop due to its huge development potential。

It is worth mentioning that although quinoa has high health function and nutritional value, its processing difficulty is not small。Quinoa rough processing is roughly divided into screening, peeling, cleaning, drying, color classification, packaging and other procedures。Among them, the saponins of quinoa taste bitter and slightly toxic, to ensure the quality and taste of quinoa need to remove the saponins。The peeling process can not completely remove saponins, want to achieve 0 saponins must be cleaned, but quinoa to completely remove saponins requires a lot of water for repeated cleaning, resulting in a lot of water waste。

According to industry insiders, for a long time, China's quinoa production and processing equipment lack, processing technology is relatively backward, resulting in a small number of enterprises engaged in quinoa production and processing, small scale, single product types, quinoa processing mainly rough processing, low added value。

Affected by market demand, the pace of quinoa processing technology research and development has been accelerated, quinoa production and processing equipment has been upgraded, and the number of processing enterprises has been expanding。It is understood that in order to promote the high-quality development of quinoa industry, Gansu Province has implemented the "Integrated application and Demonstration of complete sets of equipment for quinoa fine soap reduction and dry processing" project, which can process 1 per hour on a production line.Five tons of quinoa。Through this project, the local industrial chain has been extended, and some quinoa deep-processed products have gradually been marketed, such as quinoa cookies, quinoa energy bars, quinoa porridge, quinoa wine, and so on。

With the change of people's consumption concept and the enhancement of healthy diet awareness, quinoa food processing industry has great prospects。With more abundant quinoa processing machinery and continuous improvement of performance, quinoa industry in-depth processing will be further promoted, high value-added quinoa products will gradually become available, and market competitiveness will be further improved。

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