The Party branch of Qinghai Provincial Light Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. carried out the party class activities of the branch secretary
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    In order to conscientiously implement the Central Committee of the Party, the provincial Party committee and the provincial national science and technology company theme education arrangements,不断推动学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育走深走实,June 20, 2023,The Party branch of Qinghai Provincial Light Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. carried out the party class activities of the branch secretary,In the activity, Comrade Zhang Dong, secretary of the Party branch, took the title of "reading the original enlightenment principle and feeling the great power of thought",For all party members and cadres on a far-reaching, profound thinking of the thematic party lesson。

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    张东同志引用《356体育》(第一卷)(第二卷)的内容,与大家分享了个人体会与感悟,《356体育》是全面系统反映习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想开辟新境界、实现新飞跃的光辉著作。He explained in detail to you one by one from the three aspects of deepening ideological understanding, solidly practicing the requirements of theme education, achieving learning to cast the soul, constantly strengthening ideals and beliefs to temper party spirit cultivation, strengthening learning to promote work, and enhancing the era to promote the high-quality development of the company。Through deep learning《356体育》,It can make us more deeply understand the truth and practical power of this thought。

    党课结束后,与会党员同志也围绕《356体育》各自分享了自己近期所学习文章的心得体会,他们表示通过学习,认识到习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想是系统的科学理论体系。作为党员要深入研读《356体育》,Take learning as the first need to improve comprehensive quality,Focus on the overall situation and do our work well,Reflect responsibility in the overall situation of service,Learn to be virtuous, learn to increase wisdom, learn to apply,We will make our work more principled, systematic, predictable and creative,Be a dedicated grass-roots employee。

    Through this special party class, Party members and cadres have given full play to the role of leading and promoting learning, further promoting the in-depth development of the party building work of the Party branch of our company, and constantly improving the influence and penetration of theoretical knowledge。Party members and cadres take the lead in teaching party lessons, which is not only a glorious tradition of our Party, but also a successful experience in carrying out good party lessons education, and it is an important requirement of the theme education。The members of the party branch of the company should first learn a step and learn a deeper level, and further enhance the political judgment, political understanding and political execution of the party branch and all party members through concentrated learning, thematic party lessons and personal self-study, and the courage to contribute, the courage to take on responsibilities, and the realization of their due value。