R&d service platform

I. Introduction

The Research and Development Department of the Institute of Light Industry of Qinghai Province is mainly engaged in the research of common key technologies in food nutrition and health, new product development, and development and utilization of characteristic agricultural and animal husbandry resources,Undertake research and development, basic research, achievement transformation, technical services and consulting projects entrusted by the government and enterprises,A number of scientific research results have been obtained,Form a series of proprietary intellectual property rights,Some of the achievements have been industrialized。In addition, it also provides food research and development for food enterprises,Equipment integration, process optimization and product standards,Production line design, food testing, sensory evaluation, scientific and technological consultation, quality and safety problem solutions and other comprehensive services。

2. Main research and service areas

——Research on food safety, nutrition, health and control technology

——Plateau livestock and poultry intensive processing technology and new product development

——Plateau grain deep processing technology and new product development

——Highland berry deep processing technology and new product development

——Traditional food, functional food development and industrialization solutions

——Beverage, baking, cereal and other product development and quality problem solving

——Condiment development and production application technology

Third, the talent team

The Research and Development Department has a research and development team and sensory evaluation team with strong professional ability, rich experience, strong teamwork and keen judgment on the sensory characteristics of food。The team has 13 members, including 4 masters, 9 undergraduates, 2 senior professional and technical titles, 2 intermediate titles, 9 junior titles, 1 leader of the second batch of natural science and engineering technology in Qinghai Province, and 1 expert enjoying government subsidies。

The team attaches great importance to foreign exchanges and cooperation, and has established industry-university-research cooperation relations with China Agricultural University, Northwest A&F University, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry and other universities, and has a good foundation for cooperation in the development and utilization of high-value agricultural and animal husbandry resources with characteristics of the plateau, and the transformation and promotion of scientific and technological achievements。

4. Scientific research facilities

        It has more than 70 sets of scientific research instruments such as liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, amino acid analyzer, electronic tongue, physical analyzer (texture analyzer), atomic absorption spectrophotometer and oxidation stabilizer。


5. Contact information

    Address: No. 4 Xinning Road, Xining City, Qinghai Province。

    Contact person/Tel: Zhang Yanzhen 13997312892 0971-6143171